Today's Spankings : Lily Donaldson, Katy Rose and Ruby Lin


Lily Donaldson, yet another supermodel in need of a burger and fries 

Big news on the birthday circuit. Jimmy Kimmel’s security guard Guillermo turns 36 and Keith Olbermann closes in on 50. Not a huge crop of birthday beauties so Lily Donaldson will have to do for you freaks.Enjoy. 

Today’s Birthdays: 

1964Bridget Fonda, American actress

1976 – Ruby Lin, Taiwanese actress and singer

1979 – Rosamund Pike, British actress

1987Lily Donaldson, British model

1987 – Katy Rose, American pop singer



Katy Rose was in rehab before 18 



You might know Ruby Lin if you spend hours watching Chinese TV 


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