Daily Dump: Jackasses Protest Jackass Basketball, Tone Loc Parties, Will Leitch Pimps, Shaq Spends and Hot DJ Mixes



That Bill Simmons guy puts yet another chick under his trance

Welcome to the Daily Dump Weekend Edition. Consider it the Daily Dump Lite.

Fewer links, but same great way to waste a few minutes of your day. Join us every Saturday and Sunday as we (try to depending on level of hangover) drop the Dump by Noon EST.

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Today’s Dump:

Weekend tip you can use: Cool a warm beer [COED Magazine]

Donkey basketball canceled after jackasses protest use of jackasses [Walk Off Balk]

Will Leitch pimps God Save The Fan on blogger’s podcast [Sports Media Journal]

A Derek Anderson post without Playmate friend photos, what a waste! [First and 10 Inches]

Look at who will be partying at the Super Bowl: Tone Loc! [Randball]

Our friend Scrap on the Tony-Jessica fiasco [on205th.com]

Sharapova has awesome quarterbacking form [Rizzo Sports]

Did you know Shaq spends 24k a month on gas? [The World of Issac]

Blog graffiti left on reputable site for 36 hours [Out of Left Field]

Suspected criminals are so stupid [Tasty Booze]

Today’s Tail:

Why can’t every female DJ look like this chick? [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Jenna Dewan has appeared in music videos looking like this [Hottie Hunter]

Cheerleader Friday was yesterday in case you missed it [Epic Carnival]

Hot asses and Spanish chicks go together like bread and butter [Bright Black Internet]

That’s all for today’s Dump. If we missed your link, too bad.

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