Creator Of "Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat" Song Chats With Busted Coverage



Enemy #1 in Patriots’ Nation: Ryan Parker 

By now you’ve seen his videos and heard his songs. If you’re from Boston he’s the enemy. The hatred results from a song that became an Internet hit last fall.

You know, the “Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat” song.

The creator of that gem, Ryan Parker, recently sat down for 5 Questions with Busted Coverage. Parker talks about the Super Bowl, how he plans to honor the World Champion Patriots and his ability to score chicks with his tunes.

#1. You have quite a selection of sports songs that you’ve written and turned into YouTube tributes. Which song are you most proud of and why?

My favorite song that I have written so far is one called “Number 2”. It is about the plight of the number 2 players in the world behind the great Roger Federer and Tiger Woods in their respective sports. I chose Andy Roddick and Phil Mickelson as the subjects of the song. It’s a song that didn’t get a lot of attention because I didn’t have a good way to promote it since the mainstream media isn’t constantly into tennis and golf like they are the major sports, but I always have liked it.

Another one that I am particularly proud of is a song I wrote about the Hawaii Warriors football team in honor of their undefeated regular season and Sugar Bowl berth. I had appeared on a radio station in Hawaii sometime in the middle of the season and the hosts asked me to write a song about Hawaii if the team managed to go undefeated.

Well, they did so and I wrote the song.

The overwhelming response of the Hawaii fans was really special to me. I received numerous emails from the people of Hawaii appreciating the song. That made me feel good. Now if only that Sugar Bowl against Georgia would have turned out a little different. :-)

#2. We sense you like sports. Name your sports teams and favorite memories.

My favorite sports teams are the Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Reds, and Kentucky Wildcats. Those are the teams that are “local” to where I live and I have grown up following them. My favorite memories involving those teams are (1) watching the Reds sweep the A’s in the World Series in 1990 (specifically the Eric Davis home run that set the tone for the series)

(2) watching the Kentucky-Duke game in 1992 when Laettner hit the shot to give Duke the victory (this one may seem odd since Kentucky lost but I appreciated that team filled with homegrown Kentucky players who gave it their all to make that the greatest college basketball game I have ever seen), and (3) watching the Kentucky football team get a win against Alabama in 1997 (I got to go to that game with my dad and see the fans storm the field after the big upset win).

#3. Your songs have been featured on TV and radio from around the United States. Which song has had the biggest success? What’s the inspiration for that particular song?

By far the biggest success that brought me the most attention was the “Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat” song. I wrote it the day after the Patriots cheating scandal broke this year and it spread around the Internet like wildfire. The inspiration was simply my personal take and commentary on the Patriots cheating story.

I didn’t like the fact that they cheated and only eventually got a draft pick and some money taken away as a penalty. Rightfully or not, it makes me question their tactics and accomplishments up to this point.

#4. The Super Bowl is coming up. How do you plan to honor the undefeated World Champion New England Patriots?

I suppose it would be time for me to write a “love song” proclaiming the Patriots to be the greatest team of all-time, Bill Belichick the greatest football mind of all-time, and Tom Brady the greatest and best looking quarterback of all-time.

I will say that I was wrong all along and pledge my eternal and undying love to Bob Kraft and the Patriots organization for doing things the “right way”…or maybe not. :-) I make it no secret that I am pulling for the Giants as much as any lifelong diehard Giants fan so I hope the term “undefeated World Champion” can’t be put in front of their name after this Super Bowl.

#5. Have your songs had any effect on the ladies? In other words, you getting any action from these songs?

This is the first time I have been asked this one! Good question, though. :-)

The only problem is that if I say yes, then not only will I increase my competition in this unique “sports songs” niche but my wife will begin to wonder what’s really going on when I say I’m headed out to the garage to record another song!

For more Ryan Parker songs, check out his Web site, Ryan Parker Songs.

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