Party With Jenny Stathos At The Super Bowl


Thanks to the male species attraction to tanned, well built, American female machines, it is possible for a women working Super Bowl parties to make $25-$50 per hour. Not bad money when all you have to do is drink, look hot and make David Spade forget about the upcoming birth of his first child.

Meet Jenny Stathos, an Arizona State student who’ll be working the Super Bowl party circuit. She’ll be attending the P. Diddy concert and a party featuring Nick Lachey.

She’s 20, very hot and wears a size 2. In other words, perfect for attracting the entire Oakland Raiders defensive secondary.

The Arizona Republic gives us the scoop on how Stathos will handle the party scene.

 “I’ll just try to be myself; I won’t want to be cheesy,” she said about possibly meeting Justin Timberlake at the P.Diddy concert Thursday.

“But I don’t want to be a stalker, because I know everything about him. I’m kind of obsessed,” she laughed.

Oh, Jenny. Of course you’ll be cheesy. Like Timberlake cares if you are cheesy.

As for the rules hot chicks must obey,

Don’t get drunk, don’t eat, don’t carry a cell phone, don’t do anything unethical, don’t leave the party until the time agreed upon.

Please God, if you really did exist you’ll send me to the Super Bowl one day. You gave Will Leitch a book deal and a trip to Glendale. Let this Internet thing work out and allow me to make enough money to party with Jenny Stathos and her friends. I swear I’ll pay you back someday. The least you could do is turn up a Dana Jacobson “F Notre Dame” video.

Jenny Stathos and friends [Flickr]

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