Tabitha Gilley Works At Hooters, Poses In Playboy

We finally found a reason to visit Chattanooga, Tennessee.

To be served by Tabitha Gilley who works at the local Hooters and is now famous for posing in Playboy. When was the last time you were served two dozen drums and a Bud draft by a chick who showed the goods in Playboy?

(Pics after the jump)

The local rag, the Times Free Press, gives us the details on Ms. Gilley’s experience.

Ms. Gilley’s inclusion in the magazine also landed her a three-day stay last November at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“I was actually starstruck being at the mansion. It was unreal,” Ms. Gilley said. “I met Hugh Hefner, and he was very respectful to us. He was a nice older man.”

Doesn’t sound like Hef scored with this blond.

By the way, Tabitha is a student at Chattanooga State University.

If everything works out, Busted Coverage will be live blogging the Super Bowl from Ms. Gilley’s section at this Hooters. We have nothing better to do than slurp wings and munch celery and blue cheese.


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