More Tabitha Gilley Photos Because You Demanded


For more Tabitha Gilley and other hot chicks, check out the Resaca Beach calendar.

Easy, folks.

There is more Tabitha Gilley for everyone. One loyal Busted Coverage visitor has unearthed even more bikini shots of Miss Gilley. After this morning’s post she is now officially the most famous chick we’ve ever uncovered from the depths of Chattanooga’s bikini stables.

Who knew Chattanooga was crawling with such beautiful blondes?

This search for Tabitha Gilley just proves how dedicated we are to providing our loyal visitors with the freshest chicks to hit the market. One day they are profiled on BC, the next they are partying with Michael Irvin at the Super Bowl.

Just think, you can still have Tabitha serve you chicken wings at the Chattanooga Hooters. Get your lazy ass off the computer and make the trek.
Tell her we sent you.


Tabitha Gilley Works At Hooters, Poses In Playboy [Busted Coverage]

Photos courtesty of Greg Burrows at Point Blank Graphics [MySpace]







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