Basketball Team Crippled After 3 Players Quit In Middle Of Game

Top sign your players haven’t bought into the motion offense?

Three high school seniors quit in the middle of a game, giving the opposing team enough technical foul shots to beat you.

Sounds like the perfect way for the Knicks to send a message to Isiah.

The News-Record in North Carolina has the quitting details:

The walkout began after junior Ramsey Elsayed committed a foul as the clock wound down. Austin turned to senior Aaron Roberts to go in, but Roberts declined. “I’m not going in,” he recalled saying Monday.

Roberts says Austin told him to go to the locker room, and at that point, senior Travis Westmoreland stood and followed him off the court. The coach then told Patrick Worley to go in, and Worley stood and walked to the scorer’s table to check in. “He acted like he was going in, but then said, “I’m not going,” Tipton said, relating what the coach told him.

Interestingly, “Patrick Austin, the varsity coach, said he had no ill feelings towards the players.”

We’re calling bullshit on this one, folks. Just think, Austin could be coaching for his 500th victory and have a heart attack one short of the milestone. This one will haunt him forever.