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NFL Fans Are Special Breed

I sent this video to my family and made it clear:

If I ever end up like “Booyah Douche” (above) to pull the plug, turn me to dust and spread me over a stripper runway.

My father wanted to know if I had a strip club preference.

“One where the chicks aren’t cross-dressing gay dudes who double as Packers’ fans,” I said.


He understood. But my mother didn’t.

“What do you mean gay fans,” she wondered.

“Like I said, no strip club or bar where male Packer fans are gay and like sucking on each other’s nipples,” I shouted.


She finally got the idea, thank God.

Now I’m going to the store, grab some brews, make some nacho dip, watch the games and hope like hell I don’t ever become crazy Green Bay Packers‘ fan.


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