"I'm Not A Drunk," Proclaims Famous KU Fan White Owl


By now you’ve heard of Kansas legend White Owl. You’ve seen him shake it on Fox Sports and YouTube. But it’s rare to see his words in print.

The pot-smoking hippie lifer was profiled in Saturday’s Kansas City Star and had some interesting revelations, like his time living with Jerry Garcia.

“They all think I’m like the Leprechaun of Luck because when I go to the game I make them laugh,” he says. “You know, the coaching is good, but they’re under a lot of pressure.”

Now [White Owl] says he schmoozes pretty much through most games.

“They know I’m not a problem and I’m not a drunk,” he says. “I just cheer about the Jayhawks and the Jayhawk spirit, and people love me for that. They come and take pictures with me. It’s been like a wildfire. I can’t walk in a grocery store or anywhere without people wanting to take a picture or shake my hand. I don’t know how to deal with it.”

There you have it. He’s not a drunk. If the man says it, we believe him.

Now I’m going to go have a beer myself.

White Owl Smokes Bong, Catches Kansas Football Game, Goes Home And Bangs Black Tail [Busted Coverage]

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