Corey Worthington Is Not A Monster, Parents Say


Corey Worthington isn’t as big of a badass as the media has portrayed him, his parents report in an open letter to the great people of Australia.

The Herald Sun has the details:

Corey’s not a monster, but that may be your opinion if you have only watched the media this week. He’s a young man growing up.

You haven’t seen the real Corey . . . the one who sits down and plays computer games with his eight-year-old sister and takes her to the park; the one who is the typical little brother pest to his older sister.

That’s not what we want to hear. Damn parents.

We want the details about how he lights up a bong before breakfast, has a fatty at lunch and throws massive keggers on Friday nights. This is not the sort of news that will help propel Corey into a full Jeff Spicoli character.

May we suggest Busted Coverage’s PR team the next time.

[Busted Coverage]

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