Weather Channel Hottie Jen Carfagno Wanted In Green Bay

Eli better pack an extra set of nylons for Green Bay or his tiny balls will shrivel like a pair of meatballs hitting Artie Lange’s giant mouth. It’s not going to be just cold. Let’s just say snot-sickles will be common Sunday at Lambeau Field.

But the really important news is that the public has spoken and Weather Channel hottie Jen Carfagno warm up the tailgating with her hot body and flawless forecasting.

And we couldn’t agree more. Our first choice was Samantha Mohr, but after closer inspection we came to the conclusion that Jen was more talented with a 10-day category. Sorry, Sam.

Instead, we’ll probably be stuck with Bill Keneely eating brats and interviewing dudes wearing fake cheese on their heads.