Celeb-Gasm: Seung-hyun Kang Is Supermodel Of the World

Who is Seung-hyun Kang? Good question, but you’ll be seeing plenty of the wafer-thin model after she won the Ford Models Supermodel of the World competition.

She is Korean. That’s about all. Soon she’ll set up residency in NY, starting dating a member of the Yankees, hang at trendy clubs and build a coke habit. It happens to the greatest. Just look at what Ms. Kang can expect at her 34th birthday.

The best part of the model search were the comments coming from the crowd, says Flypaper.

“I remember when my boobs looked like that without a bra on.” On SMOW finalist, Blessing Bassey from Nigeria as she catwalked in an amethyst flapper-inspired dress without an underwire in sight.

“I love her. She looks like a big ol’ boy!” On awkwardly elegant SMOW finalist and winner of $100K Maybelline contract and $50K Ford contract, Alexina Graham of the UK.