Celeb-Gasm: Is Carla Bruni Officially World's Hottest First Lady?

So wrong in so many ways

We’ve been on this Nicolas Sarkozy-Carla Bruni relationship story from the beginning because we care. We care about hot models being swiped by douchebaggish French elites.
And it seems the relationship has gotten to the pregnant/married stage. Bruni is being called the new Jackie O.
If this entire situation comes to fruition then there is little doubt. Carla Bruni is the Hottest First Lady in the World!
Name one other First Lady who has partied with Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger. Name another First Lady who has appeared on over 200 magazine covers.
Sarkozy, the Mad Modelizer, better be happy with this one because the ceiling has been reached.

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