Breaking Down NFC Championship Mayoral Bet


It’s on bitches, NFC Championship this Sunday

The mayoral camps of Green Bay and New York have placed a friendly wager on Sunday’s game. Bloomberg offered a nice slice of W. 147th , while G.B. put up 20 heffers and 20 acres of fine Wisconsin grass.

Or something like that.

Actually, you guessed it, GB offered up cheese and NY countered with insanely priced porterhouse from some yuppie steakhouse.

The NFC Mayoral Breakdown (wager in red):

G.B.: Gift basket with 17 cheese spreads from U.S. Specialty Cheese

NY: 10-pound New York-style cheesecake from Manhattan’s Carnegie Deli

BC’s Winner: Carnegie Deli in a landslide. Ever been yelled at while ordering a slice of pie? If not, head over to the Deli for table pickles and bitchy customer service.

G.B.: 20 strip steaks from Smithfield Beef

NY: 20 pounds of Porterhouse steak from Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn

BC’s Winner: Steak from Brooklyn? Not me. Trust the Midwestern farmer on this one folks. The Brooklyn steaks sound too stuffy for this blogger. Strip steaks from Wisconsin sound like an all-night kegger at a fishing lodge. Sign me up.

G.B.: 3 pounds of chocolate from Beerntsen’s Candies

NY: A case of Brooklyn Lager from Brooklyn Brewery

BC’s Take: Chocolate over beer? Tough choice but your chick won’t touch the beer like she would the 3-pounder. Everyone wins. Your girlfriend’s ass doesn’t get any bigger and you work up a good buzz while watching Death Cab For Cutie videos on YouTube.

G.B.: Cheese wedge sunglasses from Cheese Shades

NY: Six bottles of steak sauce from Peter Luger

BC’s Take: Toss a coin. While the cheese glasses sound cool, we’re leaning towards trying Peter’s secret sauce.

Conclusion: Green Bay offers up processed meats and cheeses to billionaire NY mayor. Is this some sort of sick joke? Bloomberg will throw out that shit with yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. On the other hand, GB would never let some emo-suds brand in their neck of the woods. Both teams refuse to lose. We all win.

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