Corey Worthington IS Jeff Spicoli


On Sunday we told you about a huge out of control Australian boozer featuring about 500 underage drunks ravaging a neighborhood while the host’s parents were on holiday.

The story has now become legendary, fueled by the host looking and acting like Jeff Spicoli.

He has the talk, the look, lack of clothes and his love of a good time.

And the punk is just a teenager.

Thanks to Corey, teenagers the world over will, no doubt, be throwing much larger street parties than he could ever imagine. With a special mention to the wondrous world web, Corey’s ability to let people know he was having a shindig ensured there would be a crowd.

Watch as Corey works the paparazzi covering Australia’s biggest story since Steve Irwin took a barb. The kid is a moron but very soon he’ll be way richer than I and by the age of 20 will probably be in rehab for a coke addiction.

Cheers, mate.

Corey Worthington -Social Network Legend [Central Station]