American Gladiator Siren Calls Cleveland Home



Valerie Waugaman went from being a fitness model in Cleveland to American Gladiator Siren.

Earlier today in the Daily Dump we linked in to an Ohio University student newspaper Q&A with the AG star. She talked about her days in Athens and how she landed the gig.

Post: What did you have to do for Gladiators tryouts?

Waugaman: We had to do a fitness test where how many pull ups can you do in a minute or 30 seconds and some speed tests but most of that I think was interview. I mean, they could see that I was strong, and with my resume, with the competitions, and you know, my sports background. But they wanted people who were comfortable in front of the camera, and because I had been competing on stage in basically a bikini and high heels, you get comfortable in front of a lot of people under pressure.

And as if being an AG star wasn’t enough, Siren is also a blogger. If you live in the Cleveland area you’ll want to keep an eye on the blog to find out where and when Siren will be attending viewing parties.

Maybe you can buy her a fruit smoothie and ask her to kick your ass or something.


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