4 New England Patriots' Cheerleaders Now Owned By Chinese



Patriot cheerleaders shake it as T.O. appears on Chinese big screen

I’ve about f@cking had it with the Chinese. First it was producing our Hollister clothing in some dirty, rat infested factory and now this. For some reason 4 New England Patriots‘ cheerleaders were sent to China to promote ‘football’ during the biggest time of the year in the NFL.

We smell a billionaire businessman with a penchant for Bostonian tail. BC demands an explanation on why China is interferring with our remaining source of American pride.

The Boston Globe wants to know as well:

Speaking of China, four Patriots cheerleaders and the squad director went to China for the purpose of teaching wannabe cheerleaders and promoting professional football in the world’s most populous country. It was the second trip in seven months for the dancers. And the question is . . . why?

See, even Shaughnessy is onto the Chinese.

Read my lips…they are stealing DNA samples from the New England Patriots’ cheerleaders in an attempt to clone our top-shelf American tail. Chinese women are nothing compared to our meat and potato fed ladies. These bastards won’t stop until they own every last one of them.

[Flickr Dump: Patriots’ Cheerleaders in China]


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