Daily Dump: Ohio U. Gambling Ring, Sex Workers Show On Hold, New Ohio State Logo, Hot Chicks In Bikinis


Ohio U. Gambling Ring, Sex Workers Show On Hold, New Ohio State Logo

The chick with only a first name is not even Brazilian

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Today’s Dump:

No doubt about it, Philip Rivers is Chachi [The World of Isaac]

Rappers might be on steroids, busting rhymes at historic pace [NY Times]

Tennessee Vols show recruit how college works, drugs found in car [Some TV Station]

Former high school basketball coach arrested for distributing ecstasy, not playing time [Courier Post]

Ohio U. baseball players charged with running sports gambling ring [Columbus Dispatch]

Sex Workers’ Art Show at William & Mary on hold [Daily Press]

Dana White busts Randy Couture over the head with lawsuit [LVRJ]

The Joakim Noah act has jumped the shark [Losers With Socks]

The NBA is Smoothtastic [MacGsworld]

Blogger gets real life interview with Sixers GM [depressedfan.com]

New Ohio State logo [Georgia Sports Blog]

Today’s Tail (possibly NSFW):

Ania (pictured) doesn’t have a last name and I don’t care [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Danielle Lloyd: Ho, hum yet another hot chick wearing a bikini [Tasty Booze]

These chicks like touching hot pipes, fast machines [Hottie Hunter]

The bra for the woman who has everything [Brahsome]

This chick is a chef and if she wore this while making dinner….[Slam Dizzle]

A Lucy Pinder gallery never gets old [Tasty Celeb]

Who needs Viagra when you have Photoshop? [Bright Black Internet]

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