Daily Dump: Ohio U. Gambling Ring, Sex Workers Show On Hold, New Ohio State Logo, Hot Chicks In Bikinis




The chick with only a first name is not even Brazilian

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Today’s Dump:

No doubt about it, Philip Rivers is Chachi [The World of Isaac]

Rappers might be on steroids, busting rhymes at historic pace [NY Times]

Tennessee Vols show recruit how college works, drugs found in car [Some TV Station]

Former high school basketball coach arrested for distributing ecstasy, not playing time [Courier Post]

Ohio U. baseball players charged with running sports gambling ring [Columbus Dispatch]

Sex Workers’ Art Show at William & Mary on hold [Daily Press]

Dana White busts Randy Couture over the head with lawsuit [LVRJ]

The Joakim Noah act has jumped the shark [Losers With Socks]

The NBA is Smoothtastic [MacGsworld]

Blogger gets real life interview with Sixers GM [depressedfan.com]

New Ohio State logo [Georgia Sports Blog]

Today’s Tail (possibly NSFW):

Ania (pictured) doesn’t have a last name and I don’t care [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Danielle Lloyd: Ho, hum yet another hot chick wearing a bikini [Tasty Booze]

These chicks like touching hot pipes, fast machines [Hottie Hunter]

The bra for the woman who has everything [Brahsome]

This chick is a chef and if she wore this while making dinner….[Slam Dizzle]

A Lucy Pinder gallery never gets old [Tasty Celeb]

Who needs Viagra when you have Photoshop? [Bright Black Internet]

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