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American Gladiators Fever Sweeping The Nation


You’ll want to stick with this video until the 50-second mark. Watch as Eli Manning chick takes a joust to the side of the head.

It’s hard to believe that American Gladiators has caught on with its stupid announcers and over-the-top production. But Americans are dumb and like dumb shows. Just think how many morons will watch American Idol tonight. Guilty.

And this American Gladiators fever is just getting started. Striking writers are not needed when you have Gina Carano.

The Hollywood Reporter has the latest:

NBC has picked up a second season of the breakout reality hit “American Gladiators.”

Meanwhile, the show’s co-producer, MGM, which owns the rights to the franchise, is expanding “Gladiators” to new platforms. It is launching a broadband Web site paying homage to the original series as well as a national tour and also is putting into development an animated series based on the franchise.

A quick search for photos revealed Americans are having Gladiator house parties and are even wearing wrestling tights to show off small packages and tiny boobs.

American Gladiators renewed already? [TV Squad]

American Gladiators re-upped [Awful Announcing]








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