T.O. Cries Like A Little Bitch, Houston Chronicle Columnist Gets Chills



Richard Justice gets chills from T.O. crying and the Kayne West look 

This if f@cking hilarious. We’ve all seen  the video of T.O. balling like a 13-year-old who just had his Wii yanked for a C- in English.

But the really funny shit is how Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle reacted to the T.O. tears.

I was holding up pretty well until Terrell Owens began to sob. That’s when I felt my throat get tight and tears well in my eyes.

“We lost as a team, man,” he said.

I turned away. I couldn’t look at the pain on this man’s face. Typically, T.O. wasn’t crying for himself.

Dude, grow a set of nuts. You have to be one huge pussy to start crying because T.O. is sobbing. The guy has the mental capacity of a 18-year-old with Down’s Syndrome. He might be a huge, spectacular specimen, but he’s a giant crybaby, for Christ’s sake.

Justice wasn’t finished there. He has more.

I felt a chill run down my spine. I thought for a second he was giving me the Roger Clemens stare-down until I noticed a guy from the Dallas Morning News standing next to me.

That’s it. You are officially a pussy. Chills down your spine? Justice needs to get out of the office once and a while. Dude, we get chills when we see things like this.


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