Today's Spankings: Traci Bingham, Triinu Kivilaan and Nicole Eggert


Nicole Eggert in a soft-core paprika scene.

It’s Baywatch day for Spankings. Remember the show where David Hasselhoff brilliantly saved lives with his huge muscles and immense smarts. The beaches are a little safer because of The Hoff.

It’s a sad day when the female stars of that show hit 40. I’m not saying its a bad thing. It’s just another sign of my dwindling youth. Now we get Tila Tequila trying to figure out which dike she’d like to take to the semi-finals of that stupid show.

Give me a modern day version of Baywatch and I’d be happy. I’m a sucker for huge boobs, one pieces and great story lines.

Today’s Birthdays:

1968Traci Bingham, American actress

1972Nicole Eggert, American actress

1989Triinu Kivilaan, Estonian singer


The 19-year old Estonian model turned rock chick

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