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The Sporting Blog: A Review




Jamie of the Mottram Empire

So I’ve spent this weekend reading the news that Dan Shanoff is taking his game to The Sporting News, specifically the Mottram Empire biggie The Sporting Blog.

It seems TSN got a thorn up its ass and blew some cash on bloggers to get more hip and more ‘today.’

The Sporting Blog already featured Spencer Hall of EDSBS and Dave “Large” Larzelere from No Mas and Brian Powell from Awful Announcing.

As you can see TSN isn’t bullshitting here, folks. You don’t go out and make deals with such names if you aren’t serious. But what will be TSB’s niche. Will it just be a huge clusterf@ck?

What makes each of these guys great is that they have a voice covering a specific market. Combining them into a TSN voice will be the issue.

The Review:

Photos: A quick 7-page check of the new project revealed very few pics. The TSN photo archive should be in play here.

Hyperlinks: Am I blind? Can’t locate any.

Text: Too f@cking much! Between Internet porn and TSB I’ll be blind in less than a year.

Linking: Can’t find too much link love for other bloggers. The Mottram’s will address this, I’m sure. The Shanoff addition will help.. His Morning Quickie is very good.

Commenting: Do I really need to fill out all that bullshit just to be allowed to bitch? I didn’t have to give half that much information to get my free 5-year subscription to TSN. Commenting is nearly nonexistent.

Hype: It’s true that these guys are some of the biggest names in the business. But this venture has been around since November. Where’s the signature post? The 100,000 page view monster. TSN needs to drop some exclusives on the Mottram Empire to get it humming along.

Conclusion: Great writing won’t produce huge visitor counts for TSN. Controversy, linking and photos will. This is sports blogging, not some great experiment in sports journalism. Unbutton the shirts a notch, call out some athletes, post some exclusive, smoking hot photos of Brett Favre’s daughter and we’ll be hooked.

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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