Now That's One Kick Ass High School Party



This gem comes to us from Down Under.

It seems one Australian teen has garnered legendary status after throwing an estimated 500-teen party that turned into an all-out fracas with police.

The 16-year-old announced the party on MySpace and was expecting only 200 friends.

The Adelaide Advertiser has the drunken details: 

Terrified residents in and around Delaney’s Galloway Drive home said they feared for the safety of their properties and loved ones as a sea of drunken youths smashed empty bottles and kicked in letterboxes well into the early hours of yesterday morning.

That doesn’t sound too bad. Nothing more than suburban kids being punks.


Mother-of-two Linda Guillou, who has lived in Galloway Drive for seven years, said she feared for her children after teens spilled onto her front lawn.

“My husband actually got the cricket bat ready . . . . ”

Rose Layton, a grandmother who lives in the area, said she had never seen anything like the riotous behaviour in her life.

“They were going to the toilet out the front, throwing bottles and jumping on cars,” Mrs Layton said.

Sounds more like a Michigan State basketball celebratory riot.


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