Jenna Jameson Done Spreading Her Legs



Jenna Jameson, the single most important porn star in video history, shocked the world last night with her major announcement. 

“Honesty is key,” she said. “I will never ever ever spread my legs again in this industry. Ever!”

Jameson’s announcement was met with some boos from the audience.

The porn star presented the crossover award to Stormy Daniels, who shared: “Well I plan on spreading my legs for this industry for quite some time.”

Since she doesn’t plan to spread ’em maybe she could start eating again. From the looks of the Tito-Jenna photo above she could stand a few powdered protein drinks. Tito will be dropping that like a bad habit if her looks continue on this downward spiral.

The next thing you know she’ll find God and the Jenna we all loved will be gone forever.

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