Daily Dump: Hansbrough Hatred, Guy Morriss Interviews, Chuck Woolery Gets Line Wet, Russell Crowe Saves





Today’s Dump: 

Classic Commercial: Like KG really wants to see Brandi Chastain strip [The Beautiful Game]

Hatred for Hansbrough [I’m Writing Sports]

New shirts to commemorate Rich Rodriguez taking Michigan job [Cafe Press]

Tough times for Guy Morriss, interviews for high school job [Meaningful Collateral]

Chuck Woolery gets his line wet [Deuce of Davenport]

Russell Crowe saved Michigan football, now sets sights one American rugby [Part Mule]

Today’s Tail: 

Hottie fashion trends [Hottie Hunter]

Tianna Ta (pictured) the next Tila Tequila? [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Cock of the walk [Tasty Booze]

Amanda Bynes showing skin at some awards show [Ninja Dude]

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