LSU Guys Get Comfortable In Each Other's Arms, Fans Taunt Ohio State

Busted Coverage Photo Editor Big Gay Rich flooded the email with this pic of LSU fans getting comfortable in each other’s arms at the BCS Championship. From the looks of things these two need to get a one-hour room at some flea bag Bourbon Street hotel.
In other news, the sign behind the two Butte Pirates is awesome. The only debatable is the “better food.”
There’s no debating that LSU is the best team in the country according to Bleacher Report.

If you hadn’t already figured out that the SEC annually is the nation’s best conference — simply bigger, faster, stronger and thefore, tougher than anyone else — either you haven’t been watching enough college football or you’re in denial.
“Going around the country and playing different teams and different styles, I have always thought that the SEC is a little bigger, a little faster and more physical in every range, in general,” Colorado coach Dan Hawkins said in a December press conference. “Not taking anything away from the Big 10 or the Pac-10 or the Big 12, by any means. I just think that top-to-bottom, no matter who you’re playing (from the SEC), there is a physicality to the whole thing.”

Chuck Liddell Tailgates At San Diego Chargers Playoff Game
Chuck Liddell Tailgates At San Diego Chargers Playoff Game
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