Daily Dump: Ohio State Loss Causes Stabbing, Louisville Walk-On Pissed, Rice To NFL, College Playoff

We’re back to normal this morning after our hosting provider left us high and dry for 3 hours yesterday. Sorry for that if you were trying to get in to catch the OSU coach grabbing his package video.
I’m not sure why the video was pulled, but we’ll try to track down a backup version.
Have you seen this 8-team playoff proposal from the University of Georgia president? If you thought this year’s BCS Championship was played too late, you’ve seen nothing yet. Under this plan the teams would play well into January.
Who’s ready for the BCS played on Jan. 21? There has to be a better way.
Sidenote: Mr. Blackwell has released his Worst Dressed of 2007 and Vicky Beckham is your outright winner.

“She resembles a tattered toothpick trapped in a hurricane,” griped Blackwell, whose list is in its 48th installment.

Today’s Dump:
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Louisville walk-on RB doesn’t like when you make fun of UL football [Courier-Journal]
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Mom and son attack dad over iPod [Tasty Booze]
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Daily Dump: The BCS Wrap
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