Toledo Peckerheads Hope To Stick It In End Zone


“Welcome to another season of Peckerheads football!”

gopeckers.jpg“Watch your Peckers bust ass this season with a family ‘4’ pack which includes game tickets, popcorn and a foam Peckerhead!”

“Catch Peckers’ fever!”

That’s right, folks, the hunt for hockey and indoor football nicknames continues in Toledo, Ohio. And two classics are on the list to become the greatest sports nicknames of all-time. No debate. Greatest. Ever.

“Peckers” and “Peckerheads.”

And the nonprofit in charge of securing naming is dead serious. Serious as in government filings.

From the Toledo Blade:

In addition to “Woodpeckers,” filings with the patent and trademark office also show that the Mud Hens are staking claims on “Peckers” and “Peckerheads” for an arena football franchise, which numerous county and arena football officials have confirmed could be coming to Toledo in 2010.

The local government has even let the tax paying public throw out some name ideas.

Just a few notables:






Ice Cutters

You get the picture. These people are morons and should be enthused by the possibility of “Peckerheads.” It’s a marketing department dream come true.

“Watch the Peckers stick it to the Lexington Horsemen!”

“Live on Pecker TV starting at 7 tonight!”

Folks, this is too good to be true. Count on Busted Coverage for all the latest news on this legendary nickname hunt.

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