The Official OSU-LSU BCS Championship Video Thread

New Orleans has grenades? That’s something we weren’t aware of.

So an LSU fan walks up to a enemy fan outside a bar. He feigns a good luck handshake and flips his middle finger skyward. “Go Bucks,” the LSU fan says.
Zach Weagley just got played.
The Ohio State University senior is here with six buddies, standing outside Pat O’ Briens. Weagley, 22, is double-fisting drinks. He’s got a hurricane drink in one fist and a hand grenade in the other.
Standing streetside in an OSU jersey makes him a target. He blows it off.
“These LSU fans are a lot weaker than the Penn State and Michigan fans,” he says. “Seriously. These guys are nothing.”

I think OSU fan went to the Big Easy to do two things: Drink some beer and kick some ass.
And more….

And how about some LSU cheerleaders firing up the drunks.
There can’t be a LSU party without the Tigers’ Golden Girls
What’s the party plan for LSU fan? 48 straight hours of drinking, skirt chasing and football.
OSU Buck Guy breaks it down on Bourbon Street

BCS Championship Events In Full Swing, Even Dogs Primed For Showdown
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