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Join Busted Coverage Live Blogging OSU-LSU Tonight At Epic Carnival


Top quotes of the night:

Here are my immediate impressions: Teddy Ginn is going to get laid by multiple broads tonight after the game, LSU fan has unleashed a magnum of hard shit and American Idol has yet to be driven down my throat. For that I’m happy.

Teddy Ginn just ordered his first bottle for him and the girls at the Varsity Club. He’ll be pounding broads by the 11 minute mark of the 4th. Count on it. Bodog has the odds at 3-1.

Now that is one bad ass medallion around brutha’s neck.

Bodog odds that JaMarcus Russell was completely bombed out of his mind: 3-2.


Busted Coverage will handle the BCS Championship live blogging duties at Epic Carnival tonight starting at 8 p.m. We’ll be properly boozed and ready to provide hot chick scoring update photos.

Stop in for the fun, wit, humor and nearly naked coeds.

Like you have anything better to do.

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