Smoking Hot Cheerleaders Rile Up Seahawk Fans, Skins' Pay The Price



Just how tough was it playing in Seattle yesterday. Just ask the Redskins.

Rookie right tackle Stephon Heyer declined to talk immediately after the game, saying he had a horrible headache. Eventually the 325-pounder out of Maryland recovered enough to acknowledge it was a long day going against Patrick Kerney and the Qwest crowd.

“It was definitely a factor,” Heyer said. “It was so deafening a lot of times you could see people’s mouths moving, but you didn’t really hear anything.

We’re attributing such noise to the near riot caused when the Seahawk Cheerleaders started shaking their asses. In this photographic evidence we find that “Amy” caused hundreds of men to swear off marriage and proclaim their love for long hair and tight, dark blue pants that highlight toned ass cheeks.

Qwest crowd plays havoc with Redskins’ heads [Seattle PI]


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