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Blogging World Duped By Jenny Hendrix Loves Jacksonville Jaguars and Jack Del Rio Story?



There is a single story making its rounds across the blogging world today that is troubling. And we hate to see bloggers fall for crap being put out by schemers.

The “Jenny Hendrix (porn star) Loves the Jacksonville Jaguars” story is a sensational piece of garbage that has been reported on several blogs today.

The premise of the story, which originated at The Naughty American, is that the whore known as Hendrix wants to get into sports broadcasting and is getting experience as a commentator for an Internet radio broadcast.

Take one look at that site, PG13Football.com, and you’ll realize the hoax. It’s nothing more than a sports gambling scheme run by none other than the same guy who supposedly signed Maurice Clarett to an indoor football contract. That guy goes by the name of Jim Terry. And his hater list is huge (see Deadspin). Or see this cached page.

See how Jim Terry talks about Maurice Clarett.

Terry has been known to say outrageous things to get media attention.

Isn’t it ironic that a porn star is saying Jack Del Rio is a big fan?

Hendrix, star of “The Jenny Hendrix Anal Experience,” says she hopes to use skills learned on the show to eventually get into sports broadcasting.

“No one else in the porn industry is doing this,” she says. “There are a lot of girls in this industry who don’t want to make a name for themselves.”

One person who already knows Hendrix’ name is Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio, who called the show her first day on the job.

Don’t fall for this shit. You are better than that. Would Jack Del Rio call into an online radio broadcast? We’ll believe it when we hear audio of it.

In other Jenny Hendrix news, she had a slight run-in with Jacksonville police over kids partying at her rented house.

The Jenny Loves Jacksonville story already appears on the following sites:


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….and many more of you unless you pay attention

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