Daily Dump: Buffet Killer Victorious, ZZTop?, Normal Sex Life?, Buddy List, South Florida Deadbeat


I need to make this an abbreviated Dump today. There seems to be a lack of time today as preparations are underway for the weekend and the only real college football game that remains. Tulsa-Bowling Green in Mobile.

siobhan-parekh-3.jpgThe Orange Bowl was decent. No star power. Horrible halftime show. ZZTop?! You have to be kidding me. The Orange Bowl committee couldn’t find anyone under 50 for the gig.

Throw some young chick up there and tell her to shake it and sing her new hot pop song. Instead we get a group of guys about as out of place as a whore in church.

This should serve as a lesson to bowls. No performers over 50, no beards, no men.

Anyway, Buffet Killer proved his team belonged in the national spotlight. Lastly, was it me or did it seem dark at the Orange Bowl. I swear the stadium had a few light bulbs missing.

Today’s Dump:

Co-Champions? Here we go again, college football still f@cked up [Rizzo Sports]

Sex surveys roundups are always fun, this one is no different [Fox News]

Ever wonder what’s on college football coaches instant messengers? [College Game Balls]

UNC football players testify against attackers [Some TV Station]

USF dad not the great guy he’s portrayed to be [Sports By Brooks]

Parcells invites Ricky back for another go in Miami [PartMule]

Today’s Tail:

Kelly Brook looks better than yesterday’s disaster photos (bare boobie alert! NSFW) [on205th.com]

This chick’s bronzer should be used by every woman in the world [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

A couple of famous British chicks in a tub full of water and bubbles [UK Celeb]

World’s Sexiest Doctor? You decide [The DarkHat]

A old classic from YouTube [Bright Black Internet]

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