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Today's Spankings : Winnie Cooper, Liya Kebede, Anchal Joseph


Drunk and racist Mel Gibson celebrates his birthday today while Winnie Cooper, our childhood crush, starts to get older with her 33rd.

Big pussy Eli Manning will celebrate today with a Sprite and cupcake while John David Booty could ring in his birthday with a blond and top-shelf vodka.

There are a couple of names we’ve never heard of so enjoy Googling these lovely ladies.

Today’s Birthdays: 

1972 – Nichole Nordeman, American singer

1975 – Danica McKellar, American actress

1980 – Liya Kebede, Ethiopian model

1987Anchal Joseph, Indian-American fashion model and reality show contestant



 Anchal Joseph is a model as if you couldn’t tell



Anchal Joseph, again 


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