Daily Dump: West Virginia Not Bad Afterall, Leno Returns, Ice Bowl Reviews, Heidi Cortez, Kumari Fulbright

We’d like to thank West Virginia for showing up in the Fiesta Bowl and kicking the shit out of Oklahoma. Now Lee Corso can stop bending over Bob Stoops.

heidi-cortez-cabana-8.jpgThe vaunted Sooners defense was shredded and they must be hoping for a different bowl game next year. 0-2 in the Fiesta hurts.

All we kept hearing is how great Oklahoma and Georgia are. One got their brains beat in and the other beat a team that should have been playing in the Weedeater Bowl. 

Jay Leno came back last night and I must say it didn’t seem much different. He still sucked. Letterman came back as well with a full beard. Now that is comedy.  

This writers strike isn’t really cramping my style. I’m missing The Office and not much else.

Sidenote: In even more hockey news, Chad Michael Murray took a date to the Winter Classic in Buffalo. Kenzie Dalton, 19, joined Murray at the game and wore a little t-shirt and looked like she really gave a shit about hockey. 

Murray is best known for his 5-month marriage to Sophia Bush. 

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