An Ohio State Fan's Guide To New Orleans Strip Clubs

Drunk OSU guy wants to bust a nut and down a 4-O .OZ in NOLA

The teams have made their way to New Orleans and things are starting to get serious, including the sex trade in New Orleans. If you are going to NOLA, there are a few things to remember.

  • An Adam’s Apple means she’s not as pretty as you think
  • If she says “it’ll be the best you’ve ever had” prepare to be ripped off
  • Might want to do an ID check
  • Jail, marriage and missing the BCS aren’t worth $20 rim jobs
  • Take plenty of beads!

Arthur Frommer’s report on the New Orleans sex business:

In addition to numerous stores offering what we will euphemistically call marital aids, there are quite a few strip joints — some topless, some bottomless, some offering “live sex acts.” If you make a habit of such places, you’ll be in heaven. If you are merely curious or are simply in the mood for a naughty evening, this might be the time and place to try one.
But beware: The lack of cover charges means they’ll insist you buy a few overpriced, watered-down drinks. Plus, if you are looking for true risqué thrills, you’ll likely be disappointed. Those “live love acts” are at best simulated and at worst utterly tame (imagine nude aerobics done by not-half-bad dancers).

Strip club info you’ll appreciate at 3 a.m. [Big Easy]

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