Today’s Spankings : Christy Turlington, Kate Bosworth, Loui Batley, Suranne Jones




Loui Batley wakes from a deep sleep 

Solid day for Spankings. It’s hard to believe Christy Turlington is closing in on 40. In the young category we get Loui Batley from the UK. She’s best known for her role on Hollyoaks.We’re not familiar with Suranne Jones but there’s something that says we’ve met before. Dreams? UK rave? Somewhere.

Today’s Birthdays: 

1967Tia Carrere, American actress

1969 – Christy Turlington, American model

1976 – Paz Vega, Spanish actress

1979Suranne Jones, British actress

1983Kate Bosworth, American actress

1987Loui Batley, British actress




More Loui Batley


Christy Turlington hasn’t lost an ounce of what made her hot in the 90s 



You’ll be Googling Suranne Jones, now won’t you?