LSU Chick Has Problem With Red Balls

Red balls usually result in a visit to the doctor 

Let’s face it OSU fan, LSU chick has bigger balls than you’ll ever have. These women are wild and out of control. They are primed for the BCS and anything less than blotto will not be acceptable.Thank God the two sides are being cordial.
This column from U Weekly should serve as the opening salvo in the trash talking between OSU and LSU fans.

Louisiana State University is an abhorrent, repulsive, abortioned version of a real football school. Everything about that puke bucket sends pulses of hate and rage down my spine. If LSU were only half as important as they thought they were, some one might give a shit about them. But they’re not – and we don’t.

And more,

In a state that is responsible for plaguing the world with things like the lynch mobs, the Creole language and the entire Spears family (Britney, not Marcus) LSU students find themselves at the top of the Louisiana intelligence mountain…err, molehill. Let me guess, you turned down Tulane and Loyola because you didn’t like the campus, right? Right.

I’m not sure either school deserves high marks. Ever seen this video?

Illinois Cheerleaders No Competition For USC Song Girls At Rose Bowl
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