Daily Dump: Bowl Season Blows, Bonerama, Rose Bowl Parade Drunks, Top 11 List, Brett Favre Jersey Kid

This message is dedicated to the BCS committee. I hope you’re happy with this piss poor bowl season you’ve created. Last night was the biggest joke, possibly of all time, for the Sugar Bowl. Hawaii had no reason to be on the field with Georgia. They looked like they wouldn’t have any reason to be on any New Year’s Day field.
20071226-krystal_sandino_3.jpgThat was horrible. Instead of taking Missouri we were stuck on the East Coast, at midnight, watching Brennan running for his life against a defense two times the size of his offensive line.
Before you say, “yeah but Boise…” 
Boise could run the damn ball. Hawaii might as well not even recruit a running back. That offense works against teams like Washington. Not Georgia.
And don’t even get me started on Illinois in the Rose Bowl.  
The BCS learned a valuable lesson this year. Either start taking great matchups or face declining TV ratings and ticket sales.
Did you see the debacle at the Gator Bowl? That game used to be a classic. Now it’s been reduced to barely being able to fill the bottom of the stadium bowl.  From my vantage point it looked like the entire upper part of the stadium was closed off. It’s not a BCS bowl but New Year’s Day is quickly losing its tradition. We’re told a playoff isn’t possible because of how important New Year’s Day is. Bullshit.
We better get decent games out of the Orange and Fiesta or this will be the worst bowl season of recent memory.
Today’s Dump:
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That’s all we’ve got, folks. Time to look for drunken LSU fan in the Big Easy.

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