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Fire Joe Morgan Is 2007 Sports Blog Of The Year

The voters have spoken and Fire Joe Morgan outlasted, outwitted, outlinked 63 other sports blogs and became the 2007 Sports Blog of the Year.

firejoemorgan.jpgIt was a grueling 2-week battle through some of the greatest sports blogs ever created.

FJM made it all the way to the championship as a #6 seed.

The victory speech from Ken Tremendous:

“Due to what we assume is a clerical error, Fire Joe Morgan has won the inaugural Busted Coverage Sports Blog of the Year Tournament. We thank everyone who voted for us, and promise to continue setting new standards for both gratuitous swearing and terrible web design in 2008.”

Well said, Ken. Don’t you dare touch that shitty design. It makes FJM special.

As for the winnings, Ken has asked that we forward the cash to the Jimmy Fund.

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