Erica Chevillar Claims She Partied With Jim Leyritz Night Of Tragedy


Just before being interviewed by Mitchell Report

The Jim Leyritz saga took a twist today when news outlets reported a Playboy Playmate claimed to have partied with the former Yankee hours before police say he killed a lady in an accident.

You know that news. We aren’t here to add to the story. But we can provide you with photos of Miss Chevillar from her MySpace page.

It seems Miss March knows her way around a party.

Curvy blond pinup Erica Chevillar told the Daily News she was downing Grey Goose vodka with the 1996 World Series hero at a Fort Lauderdale party to celebrate his 44th birthday.

An hour later, he blew a red light and smashed his SUV into Veitch’s car with such force she was thrown out of the driver’s seat to her death, police said.

“Good to see you again, grandpa” 


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