Today’s Spankings: Alexis Amore, Theo Epstein, Gabrielle Destroismaisons, Jessica Andrews




Alexis swears they are real, and we believe anything she says 

No Daily Dump today. It’s the weekend. We’re trying to have a life. It’s a huge day for Red Sox Nation. Their boy toy Theo turns 34 on the same day as rapper Pimp C would have done the same but he died in L.A. on December 4.  

As for hot chicks, we get to celebrate the birth of Alexis Amore, one of Peru’s greatest exports. It’s debatable but we consider her Peru’s greatest porn star of all time.

Today’s Spankings: 

1973Theo Epstein, American baseball general manager

1976 – Katherine Moennig, American actress

1978Alexis Amore, Peruvian pornographic actress

1982Gabrielle Destroismaisons, Quebec singer

1983Jessica Andrews, American country/pop singer



More Alexis because we can 

Jessica Andrews is some singer chick

Katherine Moennig could use a burger and fries on her big day

Another unknown to BC but she makes the list anyway 

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