Daily Dump: Chris Jesse Didn’t Touch It, WVU Lost More Than Rod, BCS Tickets, WVU Beard

How right we were!

We said to watch the sidelines of last night’s Holiday Bowl and our prediction came to fruition. Chris Jesse gave us an Instant Classic. You all know the story by now. I’m not repeating it.

It was a great moment and ESPN will analyze this one to death.

Did he touch It? Let’s go to the instant replay.

Sean Salisbury: “Linda (Cohn), I’ve gone over this one 25 times and replay shows his left pinkie DID make contact.” 

Linda: “What’s this mean for the rest of college football?”

Sean: “I’m not sure, but I’ll create something for the next SportsCenter so we have something to talk about.”

Linda: “Thanks Sean. You’re off the Budweiser Hot Seat.”

I’m afraid to turn on Mike and Mike. Greenberg, I’m sure, is fawning over that young piece of male meat. Chris Jesse touching balls must have been in Greenies dreams last night.

Stay tuned. ESPN isn’t done with this one. Expect at least 15-25 mentions of it through the weekend bowl coverage.

Sidenote: Alba off the market. See Today’s Tail, below.

Today’s Dump:

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Today’s Tail: 

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That’s all I got. Had to pinch off the Dump early.