Daily Dump: Let The Bowls Begin, More Iowa Trouble, Sugar Bowl Update, Great Headline, Nearly Naked Coeds


I really have nothing for you this morning. Great game in Detroit last night. Curtis Painter is a quarterbacking GOD. Dorian Bryant is decent and the Central QB has nearly the same rushing TD stats as Tebow.

The best part of last night was when ESPN showed Andre Ware playing for the Lions. The guy was perhaps one of the biggest busts in the NFL. He’s right up there with fellow Houston Cougar David Klingler.

Anyway, the game was great. Now we get some real games. It all starts tonight in San Diego. Arizona State-Texas has the star-power potential and we get Muffberger and Herby on the call.

As our game preview said, don’t miss this one. The chicks are going to be insane. ESPN needs that 7 camera setup like they’ve done for some sporting events. I want 4 cameras positioned away from the field. One for the ASU cheerleaders, the ASU crowd, the UT cheerleaders and the UT crowd.

Think about it World Wide Leader.

Sidenote: French President Nick Sarkozy is extremely busy parading his new hot piece of ass(pictured). The couple is now vacationing in Egypt. Nice get, Nick. 

Today’s Dump: 

Headline of the Day: Eager Beavers… [Mail Tribune]

Get your very own piece of Orange Bowl [Some TV Station]

Yet another Iowa football player arrested, 12th trouble maker of the year [Des Moines Register]

More Iowa news, no bowl game, instead court dates [Des Moines Register]

Police blotters of the year, can’t miss this one [Dayton Daily News]

Hawaii Sugar Bowl tickets still remain, $1000 flights don’t impress fans [Star Bulletin]

NFL Network says sorry, you’ll be able to watch Patriots make history [Epic Carnival]

Such hatred for Rich Rodriguez [Losers With Socks]

Today’s Tail: 

Checking in with Katie Price and the kids [The Put Down]

Check out this hot couple [Hello Magazine]

Giselle Windecher wants to show you something [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Paris Hilton in nothing but gold [Slam Dizzle]

Did I ever tell you about that threesome I had? [Pointless Banter]

Santa has a cross-dressing secret [Brahsome]

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