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Jacksonville Jaguars Tailgate First Timer


Jags fan can’t wait for the grilled chicken breast

Meet Meghan. She decided to post photos from her first ever visit to a Jacksonville Jaguars game. It appears she did an admirable job getting acquainted with the festivities.

Jets fan would like to speak with this young lady. Remember how they treat females at Giants Stadium?

One thing they can do, he said, is nab the women who bare their breasts and the men who pressure them by using obscenities.

“We arrest the women because that’s a crime,” Zoffinger said. “If [the men] say, ‘Show me your f— t—, we can arrest them. If there is bad, vulgar language involved, yes, we do eject them, every single time. … Boorish behavior will not be tolerated.”

Let’s hope Meghan enjoyed her first time and will now become a super fan and buy jerseys, foam fingers, Fred Taylor dolls and do keg stands and post those videos on YouTube.

We’ll be waiting.


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