Daily Dump: Guy Who Hates Busted Coverage, Pirates Win Hawaii Bowl, Alabama Cheer, Ron Paul Bikini Calendar


Happy Christmas Eve to all unless about Busted Coverage. Dude says we’d be nothing without the blogger tournament. Thanks for the kind words at this festive time in life. You have your opinion and we have ours.

Now it’s time for us to tell you what we think. You are half right. The blogger tournament has been extremely helpful to this site. No debate here. That’s what this whole Internet thing is about ‘Tom.’ You think anyone really gives two shits about what some blogger thinks about a football game?

No one cares what we think about football games. People are too busy trying to make enough money to keep their homes, pay child support, car payments, etc. to analyze what someone is writing on a blog.

We’re not here to increase your intellectual standing in society. If you haven’t noticed that by now, move on. Busted Coverage wasn’t started to dissect 3rd and 13 call breakdowns. We barely watch SportsCenter and rarely watch an entire NFL game from start to finish. College football is our favorite but we don’t wear school colors. Red clashes with complexion.

If you want those sites, by all means, leave. There are great guys doing insane work promoting their schools. They have turf and we have ours.

Guys come here to get a little obscure football news, the latest arrest, tailgating videos, hot chicks and then they move one.  

As for the blogger tournament, haven’t you ever heard of marketing, cocksucker? You have no idea how many bloggers sent us messages saying how cool the idea was. YardBarker was so smitten by Busted Coverage that we’ll be signing a piece of paper to join its growing list of bloggers.

Keep checking back. There are a ton of marketing ideas floating around in our hallow brains. 

We’ll continue to be nothings and you can come along for the ride. Thanks for taking the time to write the kind Christmas message.

Happy Holidays to you are yours!

Today’s Dump:

Some other nothing site has bowl tournament [YardBarker]

Indoor football team owner celebrates holiday with domestic violence charge [Indy Star]

Boise stunned by Hawaii weather, loses AGAIN in Aloha state [Star Bulletin]

Alabama players whining about spending Christmas in Louisiana [Press Register]

Florida kegger turns into murder scene [Florida Today]

Get to know Howard Schnellenberger and his cool mustache [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Miss France in hot water over how she eats yoghurt [Daily Mail]

Visiting Australia for the holidays? Keep an eye out for Jennifer Hawkins (above) [Courier Mail]

Get your Hotties 4 Ron Paul calendar before they are gone forever [Some Web Site]

That’s all for Christmas Eve. Enjoy the holiday and don’t forget to get seriously drunk and stupid. 

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