Hawaii Bowl: Getting To Know It

That’s Gidrey double fisting some malt liquor shit! Straight up dogg!

Keep your eye on: East Carolina FB #45 Kevin Gidrey

This young pup is 6-2, 254 and a lead fullback. We have VHS tapes older than Gidrey. Needless to say BC isn’t starting shit because without athletes like Mr. Gidrey we’d be out of business. KG has some straight up dope photos on his MySpace page. Just imagine the images posted after taking this trip to Hawaii.

The Buzz: The Fayetteville Observer takes us back to the night ECU QB Rob Kass earned a DUI, A trip to Hawaii to play in a bowl against a big-time opponent was about the furthest thing from Rob Kass’ mind, however, around 1:28 a.m. on August 26.

Less than 48 hours after completing the final intrasquad scrimmage of preseason practice, Kass’ 2003 Dodge Ram four-door truck was stopped at a police checkpoint, according to reports. Officers at the scene smelled alcohol on Kass and requested he take a breathalyzer test.

The test registered Kass’ blood alcohol level at .19. The state’s legal limit is .08.

Boise State Chicks on the Net:

East Carolina Chicks on the Net: Think Southern hottie not good enough for UNC or Duke. Likes a guy with gun permit, whiskey, NASCAR . Dislikes: Northern pricks from Baltimore.

TV Crew: Hawaii Bowl (Boise v. East Carolina) – Terry Gannon, David Norrie

KG in A-T-L hat observing the action at Bat Mitzvah.