New Mexico Bowl: Getting To Know It


Coulson gays up some beach 

Keep your eye on: Nevada LB. #58 Ryan Coulson

When we say keep your eye on, we mean it. After finding the above and below photos on his MySpace page you can be sure his teammates don’t drop the soap around Coulson. He’s young. Maybe he’ll grow out of this stage in life. Big Gay Rich reports that this guy has all the tools to become a legend in the Greenwich Village meat market.

The Buzz: Phill Casaus of the Albuquerque Tribune rips into the locals for lack of interest in New Mexico Bowl,  Late this week, officials said they had sold 26,000 tickets, including a pre-paid allotment of 6,000 to Nevada that Wolf Pack fans almost certainly won’t use.

Couple that with prospects for cold weather, and I’ll venture the bowl game will be fortunate to draw 25,000. That’s not terrible, but it ain’t great — particularly when you consider UNM is 8-4, anchors a metro area of more than a half-million and has become, if not a thrilling program to watch, at least solid.

Nevada Chicks on the Net: Wolfpack cheerleader leg lift.

New Mexico Chicks on the Net: Tailgating New Mexico style!

TV Crew: New Mexico Bowl (Nevada v. New Mexico, ESPN 4:30pm) – Dave Barnett, Rod Gilmore

This photo shoot is one of the most disturbing….ever. 

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