Daily Dump: 2nd Round Begins, Poinsettia Bowl, Big Ten Background Checks, Air Force Bowl Fever, Sex and the Circus, Bikini Calendar


Let’s start the Dump by saying thanks to all of you who have not only participated in the blogger tourney but also hyped it into an overnight sensation. It’s been a nice surprise.

The 2nd round has started and will run through Friday night. Check your region to see matchups.  

  • Rd. 2: South Region
  • Rd. 2: East Region
  • Rd. 2: Midwest Region
  • Rd. 2: West Region

You’ll notice a couple of upsets. The 700 Level got through as a #14 seed. #10 Epic Carnival also moves on.

Like I said, the new polls are up. Take a look.

Football is back tonight in San Diego with the Poinsettia Bowl. to be prepared to drop knowledge on your know-it-all buddy Phil.

It looks like the guy who spermenated Jamie Lynn Spears could have faced a misdemeanor in Louisiana for such an act. As if getting a 16-year-old pregnant isn’t tough enough on the guy, now CNN is reporting stories on the legal issues surrounding underage sex. 

I smell the religious right chiming in on this one.

Jaime, the Southern Baptists would like to have a word with you. By now she knows she f-ed up. Live and learn.

More Barbara from Flickr. 

Today’s Dump:

Buffet Killer named coach of the year, award cake gone in two bites [Seattle Times]

Big Ten to start doing background checks on officials [PJ Star]

UK brings in new coach to win, loses piling up [Epic Carnival]

Bowl game confidence game! You too can play along [College GameBalls]

100-fan brawl at high school basketball game…A Sign of the Times [Southtown Star]

Don’t Tase Me Bro gains elite status, makes Yale quote list [Some Web Site]

Air Force fans going crazy over Falcons trip to Ft. Worth [Denver Post]

Perfect gift for dad, tickets to Sex Circus [Some TV Station]

Perfect gift #2, bikini calendar to support the troops [Military Troops Calendar]

Today’s Tail:

Kristin Ferry cleavage hosting downhill skiing competition [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Special link for BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich [Tasty Booze]

(NSFW) Top 200 English chicks you have no chance with [UK Celeb]

Lisa Marie lacks last name, makes up for it with slamming body [Slam Dizzle]

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