Daily Dump: 1st Round Final Push, Ana Ivanovic Speaks, X-Rated Christmas Vandalism, Big Ten Official Crooked?, Undie Run


This is it. One final push to see who makes it to the 2nd round of the 2007 Sports Blog Of The Year Tournament. Blogger battles are ongoing as we speak. Friendships are breaking up.

And we couldn’t be happier.

MLB Trade Rumors dropped a link last night and let’s just say they have legit support. If they can turn out this many voters over the next few rounds it could get ugly for the rest of you.  

Keep your eye on the Midwest 7-10 game. Epic Carnival was leading late last night but Baseball Analysts has put together a surge to go up 70 votes.  

The big buzz for the tourney is the controversy going on with the 4-13 West showdown. 38 pitches used the power of Sons of Sam Horn to take a substantial lead on Baseball Primer. Over 4000 votes have been entered in this battle to see who can stuff the ballot fastest.  

We’ll be here later tonight to tabulate the final votes and fill in our bracket.

In the meantime, enjoy more Aisleyne Horgan (NSFW unless…). 

Today’s Dump:

Ana Ivanovic speaks to a blog, biggest moment in blogger’s life [Rizzo Sports]

Even tennis players in danger of home invasions [Epic Carnival]

3 things we don’t need in 2008 (HD porn) [Losers With Socks]

Man U. party includes lap dances, rape charges [Times Online]

Coach preaches team unity, players participate in x-rated vandalism spree [All Headline News]

Florida State will play bowl game without practice squad [Journal Now]

Crooked Big Ten ref? Nah, never [Nittany Whiteout]

San Diego State throws Undie Run for charity [Mister Irrelevant]

Today’s Tail:

Bleached blond wants to be your friend [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

This sock-like glove tells others how much you love your lady [Tasty Booze]

Hot, SEC style smooches from the Professor of Poon [Poon of the SEC]

Thanksgiving > Christmas [Brahsome]

Lynne Spears takes home Mother of the Year Award [Pointless Banter]

2 Monica Leigh photos that will change your life [Slam Dizzle]

UK’s Aisleyne Horgan calendar photos that will get you fired (NSFW) [UK Celeb]

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